New Year Goals and the Tricks of evolution

Since it’s the start of a new year, I’ll start with a subject relating to New Year Goals and Resolutions. Many of our behaviors are caused not by our will or purpose but by past evolution no longer adaptive in our modern times.
So I’ll list some of them and how we can overcome them.
1 Eat Now or Starve
Since most of human history we usually had to eat constantly and work to find the food, the rule was eat or starve.
2 flight response producing anxiety
5 fight response producing
3 you must look good at all times
4 Win at all costs
5 fight response producing chaos
6 sex is mandatory
7 we must be part of a tribe
8 we must always upgrade comforts

Possible Solutions to the trap of our genes
All people are not held captive by the billion year trap. So what are the tactics we can used to free ourselves?

1 education
2 spirituality
3 scientific method
4 exercise
5 self reliance
6 reality testing
7 before acting…think

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